Summer Styles for Natural Hair


Many ladies are switching up their hairdos just in time for summer. Especially those with curls, kinks, and coils since the humidity can do some horrid things to natural hair. Last year I tried every single gel, serum, and pudding I could find to keep my twist-outs defined, but I’d still end up looking like a poodle. Some would say just to embrace that shrunken fluffiness; I refused.

This year I’m prepared and started off with my old time favorite hairdo: box braids. I had them done to finally give my hair a much needed rest. Lately it seemed as if my hair was taking on a life of its own and wouldn’t do anything I wanted it to do.

I used to wear box braids a lot when I lived in New York. African braiding salons were so easy to find and didn’t break the bank. Not to mention my braids were always poppin’.


Jessie and her “Marley twists.” These are easy to do on your own with the help of a few Youtube tutorials. I tried them late last year and was pleased with the result.

Havana/Marley twists have become popular recently, at least I’ve noticed. My little sis Jessica loves them and they’ve become her go-to summer protective style. We find our braids and twists to be very convenient when we have to get up and go, or work out at the gym.

Another protective style which is popular are weaves or wigs, and not just silky straight ones. I’m noticing more women with kinky-curly dos. This trend was probably inspired by Solange Knowles, who rocks a number of natural textured wigs. I may consider a wig over a weave, only because I freak out when I don’t have easy access to my scalp. For my high school senior prom I only had a few tracks sewn into my hair and it drove me nuts after a couple of weeks.

My mini-twistsand take less time to take out than twists with extensions.

Those who aren’t a fan of extensions of any kind, can also do mini-twists on their own hair. They don’t require a visit to the salon, all you do is grab your hair and twist. This style came in handy around midterms last semester, when I barely had any time to dedicate to styling my hair every day. What I find cool about mini-twists is that they can last as long as two weeks, and you get a super defined twist-out when you take them out.

Up-dos are something I’ve yet to master, but make a cute summer protective style. Your ends are tucked away and there’s no hair on the neck or shoulders. For my big sister’s wedding, I had a braided up-do done at a nearby salon and I loved it. After I take out my box braids, I’ll either attempt the roll, tuck, and pin (which was a major fail the first time I tried it) or visit the salon again.


Jessie and I at our big sister’s wedding in February

I couldn’t end this post without mentioning that I was going to cut my hair. Yes, snip-snip! Before I went natural, I had a Rihanna-esque haircut that I adored. I’ve always felt that I looked better with short hair and thought I could do it again without a relaxer. After watching one of my favorite Spike Lee joints, “She’s Gotta Have It,” the lead character Nola Darling inspired me to check out some haircuts online. I found some really cute ones!

From left to right: Melissa Chanel, Chrisette Michele, & Natural Belle

Unfortunately when I talked about a haircut to my friends and family, I was threatened with bodily harm. As a compromise, I said I would at least wait until after graduation in December to make another big chop.

Ultimately, your hair should never come before having fun this summer. If you want to swim, vacation, or sweat in the gym for that beach body, simply find a style that will keep up with you!

P.S. When in doubt, go with the trusted headwrap/turban. Never fails me.


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