Goodwill Hunting: Shorts for Summer

Though the calendar still says it’s spring, it definitely feels like summer in South Florida. My wardrobe consists of black, black, and more black clothes so I decided it was time to prepare for the heat.

I’m still working on my obsession with dark colors, but I was able to stock up on some shorts at my local Goodwill. Some may be turned off by clothes worn by strangers but hey, I consider them community hand-me-downs.


When I got to Goodwill, I was on a mission. My main goal was to find high-waisted shorts, and I was lucky. I got these Levi’s for only seven bucks!


I also found a pair of pastel blue sorts from Ann Taylor Loft. They fit perfectly; not to loose, not to snug. These shorts can be dressed up or dressed down, so they make a great addition to my closet.


You can’t go wrong with Old Navy! It’s my go-to store for basic essentials: tees, tanks, whatever. Though Old Navy jeans fit me a little funny, their shorts always fit just fine.


To slightly customize my shorts, I grabbed a box cutter and a pair of scissors. Next time I plan on using bleach. You can find safe ways to use it from a few Youtube tutorials.

All I did to the Levi’s were cut off about an inch from the bottom of each leg and rolled them up (as you can see in the picture at the top). More was done to the Old Navy shorts. I cut off the hem with scissors and gave the shorts a bit of a distressed look with the box cutter.


There’s no real advice I could give on how to exactly cut and customize your shorts except to have fun with it. No need to worry about messing up, because there’s at least room for error. If you do ruin them beyond repair, you can at least say you lost a few bucks on a pair of thrifted shorts, rather than a brand new $30 pair.

Oh yeah and to conclude, here’s a quick Tara’s Lesson of the Day: Be careful when cutting your shorts, especially with a box cutter. Almost sliced my finger! I guess you shouldn’t blab on the phone with your best friend while cutting up your shorts! Womp, womp.

Are you thrifting for summer essentials? What are your favorite places? Do you have any tips for finding great stuff in an overwhelming abundance of clothes?

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