Weekend Links- 3.22.13

I’m sick. Hooray.

Unfortunately a classmate of mine never learned how to cover their sneezes or coughs. I don’t understand how though. The informational posters, and the cartoon with a head like a cheese wheel, are everywhere. Now that I’ve been gifted with his cold, my weekend will be full of echinacea tea and television. Oh, and of course these links!

  • I’ve had my share of bad pick-up lines and catcalls. One that always made me scratch my head was “You look mixed,” because well, I don’t. Shayla Pierce explains why this isn’t considered a compliment.

  • I dig Solange’s style- a lot. On my Tumblr, I have to refrain from reblogging every picture I see of her. If I could steal her closet, I’d do it in a heartbeat and never look back. But apparently, I don’t have to. Joy Adeze shows how to get her signature colorblocked look
  • Amanda Chatel gives some examples on how to get your ex to notice you on Facebook. When I read this, I cracked up. Mainly because I’m guilty of doing some of those shenanigans. Don’t judge me; I know I’m not the only one!
  • Though I wouldn’t consider myself too into fashion, I love myself a good outfit. One of my favorite Tumblr blogs, Black Fashion, will make you want to deplete your bank account on new clothes.

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