Here’s to a New Season

New Season

“It’s a new season, it’s a new day…”

Chris Brown was right- it’s never a right time to say goodbye. Though I’m moving back to the first place I called home, leaving my second home is not easy. New York made me, but Florida raised me.

Crazy for a native New Yorker to say, huh?

I learned some important (yet difficult) life lessons, fell in love a time or two, and gained some amazing friends here. It saddens me to leave, but I understand that it’s a new season for me. And with that comes tough decisions for a greater purpose.

Florida, it’s been real, but I have a dream that needs to become a reality. New York, here I come.

Love, Peace & Afro Grease,
Tara Pook

Introducing | The Pook Shop

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… The Pook Shop. My new line of tees are inspired by some of my favorite posts such as “Dreamers, Be Patient” and “Thank God for Growth.”

Pook Shop

I love how we can all make a statement with just a graphic tee. Some are thought-provoking, and some are humorous. My goal is to inspire you, as well as those who may read your tee in passing.

I’m excited to share this new venture with you all. More shirts and designs are on the way, so be on the look-out!

Love, Peace & Afro Grease,
Tara Pook

Break the Rules

My sister Jessie loves listening to Christmas music all year long. Some would give her the side-eye for jamming to “Silver Bells” in the middle of summer, but I just think it’s one of those things that make her the great quirky person that she is. And to be honest, her nonstop holiday cheer inspired me to press play on one of my favorite songs, “Put One Foot In Front of the Other” from the classic animation Santa Claus is Coming to Town. In the scene, Kris Kringle encourages the Winter Warlock to change his mean ways through song. Being the quote-hoarder that I am, I especially took to the lyric: “Don’t be the rule, be the exception.”Don't Be The Rule

Fitting in is so easy these days. There’s no emphasis on creativity or invention, just imitation. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain. Some may laugh or question you, but those same people will soon be following you. There’s no room for growth in your comfort zone. It’s snug and too tight. Break free from the rules and how other’s feel you should live your life. Rules were made to be broken, weren’t they?

Love, Peace & Afro Grease,
Tara Pook

Three Words I Hate: “You’re Too Nice”

You're Too Nice

If I had a dollar for each time someone told me that I’m too nice, I’d be a thousandaire.

Some would consider this to be a compliment, but I have a bit of an issue with it. It’s often been said that too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Therefore I’d be justified in believing that when someone tells me I’m too nice, it actually means “Umm, fix that.”

I recall a time when my friends and I were watching The Bad Girls Club. If you’ve never watched show, it showcases the tomfoolery committed by a group of hot-tempered women thrown under one roof. The end result is a whole lot of hair pulling as a once lovely mansion is turned into something a pig would turn its snout away from.

Out of pure curiosity, I asked my friends how long they thought I’d last in The Bad Girls Club. I was given a day. Yes, 24 hours. Their reason? You guessed it: I’m too nice.

Keep Your Dreams to Yourself


As children we were told to keep our hands to ourselves, but did you know the same applies to our dreams? If you’re not careful, your goals and aspirations can spoil before they have the chance to become a reality. Prevent this from happening with a few tips I’ve gathered through my own continuing journey:


When it comes to your dreams, it’s especially important to keep them from people who are bitter about their own. There are many individuals wasting their potential, but this does not mean you have to waste yours. This type of person comes in many forms: a professor, a friend, or even a parent. Unfortunately, someone discouraged them from following their dreams and they succumbed. It’s vital to watch out for what appears to be advice from them. They may see it as constructive criticism when in actuality it’s deconstructive criticism.

“Are you sure you want to apply for that job? You may want to wait until you have more experience. Just don’t want you to get rejected, that’s all.”

“That sounds like something you can accomplish in 10 years instead of 5…”

“More school? I think you’re fine with just a bachelors degree.”

Rather than let them walk with you on your journey, it’s best to let them watch.