I Attract Creepers, So Does That Make Me One Too?

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I once read somewhere- perhaps an Instagram meme- that you are what you attract. If this is true, does this mean I’m a creeper?

Throughout my years of dating or attempting to date, I’ve come across them all it seems. The kooky, the crazy, and the just plain weird. I once thought that it was my friendly demeanor that attracted the unwanted attention, but maybe it’s something else. Rappers often make claims of real recognizing real, but what if creep recognizes creep?

I often chronicle my catcall sagas on Facebook much to the amusement of my friends and family. And though I’m happy to give them a laugh, this is starting to draw some concern on my part.

One prime example took place on a Saturday afternoon at the mall. After strolling over to my favorite store (the food court) to devour a Chick-fil-a sandwich and heavenly waffle fries, a man approached me. He was decked out in dark shades, an Ed Hardy T-shirt, and a Gucci belt.

Yeah… I know.

“He let you out alone?” he said.

Puzzled, and unsure if he was talking to me, I replied, “Huh?”
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Out & About | A Daycation in Miami + The Read Live

The Read 5


Jessie: I don’t work that day!!!

Tara: OHHH MY GOD!!!

Jessie: I wanna cry!!! (crying emoji)


And that set the tone for our Saturday spent in Miami Beach.

Colony Theater

My sister and I are huge fans of Kid Fury and Crissle’s no-holds-barred pop culture podcast, The Read. When they began doing live shows in New York, Atlanta, and Houston, we patiently waited for them to make the move to South Florida.

We decided to spend the entire day enjoying the Lincoln Road Mall which is filled with great stores and restaurants. The Colony Theater, where the show was being held, was right within walking distance.

photo 1

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Thank God for Growth

I was working wasting time on Facebook when I received a notification from a high school classmate. She tagged me in a photo which made me curious since we had not seen each other since graduation. When I clicked on the photo, I saw that it was a group of old friends and I in my favorite english teacher Mr. Kemly’s class. There we were, only five years ago, yet looking like babies. And there I was, with my go-to pony tail, black-rimmed glasses, and high school uniform. I immediately typed, “Thank God for growth!” as I realized how far I’ve come since then.


Back in 2008, I believe. Don’t judge me y’all. I thought I was cute.

My reaction wasn’t all about my poor choice in fashion or my overly abused ponytail. It was about, my priorities, my level of maturity, and my frame of mind back then. We are constantly evolving whether we like it or not. And as much as some of us would like things to remain the same, growth is a great thing.

No- an amazing thing.

One of my favorite and most recited quotes is by Karen Kaiser Clark: “Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.”

When we choose growth, we are accepting the natural order of things. Life’s challenges and experiences are not thrown at us so that we may learn nothing. Each one is a test of our ability to persevere and adapt.

When I was in high school, I ran hurdles in track & field. They were quite difficult for my rather short frame, but after much practice, they became a little easier. Unfortunately they never got to be a total breeze, but I at least knew what to expect and how to get over them.
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GUEST POST | Lukewarm People: Are They Your Friends Or Not?

Jessicas Post by Jessica Hughee

I maybe should have been a psychology major. I find myself trying to solve people; making it a mission to decipher their words, actions, thoughts, etc. Yes, I admit that this can be a bad habit, but it’s just the way I am.

In my years of ‘study,’ there is one type of person that I can never seem to understand: the lukewarm person. I am sure almost everyone has dealt with such a person. They will walk up to you, appear as if they are happy to be in your presence, but the very next time you see him or her, suddenly you feel like Patrick Swayze in “Ghost.” In other terms, you are invisible to them.
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It’s Not About You

This morning I started my day with a prayer. To be honest, it was more of a grocery list of the things I needed God to turn around in my life. After doing more asking than thanking, I said “Amen,” and then went on with my day.

During my rush to work, I decided to stop by the oh-so-healthy-and-nutritious McDonald’s for a quick breakfast. The drive-thru was a mess so I went inside, only to hear the assistant manager loudly cursing about a customer.

Let’s just say it wasn’t exactly the start I was hoping for on this Tuesday.

Finally I received my McMuffin, after a long wait, and hurried back to the car. I pulled out my sandwich while driving and realized that my order was wrong. Though I asked for no cheese (we don’t really get along), there was a huge layer of it melted right on top. I was pissed, to say the least, and contemplated going back. Unfortunately I had 5 minutes to be in the office so I kept going.

While venting to myself, I saw a homeless man at a stop light. He had a baseball cap on top of long salt-and-peppered hair with a beard to match. The man held a sign asking for help. I looked at my McMuffin, which I considered throwing away to be honest, and made a quick U-turn to talk to him. I waved him over and asked, “You hungry?”
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